Photos of Strange Things You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

Life is strange enough by itself. But there are strange things that can still make you question your familiarity with the world. People are more likely to pursue stranger things because they’re sick and tired of the ordinary. But even the most common things around us can become extraordinary with time and some coincidences. So if you think you’ve seen the weirdest things in this world, sorry to burst your bubbles but you’re wrong. These photos of strange things you can’t take your eyes off are proofs that the world never runs out of strange things to amaze us.


Old TVs can still be useful. You can turn them into an exquisite fish tank just like this and give your kids live footage of the Bikini Bottom anytime.

Reddit | bladingbeckie

This mailbox couldn’t handle the heat anymore. It has no choice but to bow down to the scorching summer.

Reddit | mildlyinteresting

There’s a sad cactus inside every happy cactus. A little girl learned this dismal truth when her dog destroyed her toy cactus and discovered this.

Reddit | jpellizzi

People often ignore slippery signs but this innovative sign will certainly get their attention.

Reddit | Joeappel

There’s something about this coin tower that feels so oddly satisfying.

Reddit | Bongnazi

You know you’ve arrived at the IT Department when you see these kinds of Christmas decorations.

Reddit | apparentlyapparent

Do you take this water dispenser to be your lawfully wedded partner till drought tear you part?

Reddit | SoupSeeker

Weird things that can blow your minds



The classics never fail to amaze us. This VHS video guide has the Friends cast giving you instructions how to use Windows 95. Maybe Microsoft can get Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen to do the video guide for Windows 10? We’re just hoping for the possibility.

Reddit | sgtpepper_spray

We’ll give an A+ for whoever came up with this innovative idea.

Reddit | MadDanWithABox

That’s the amount of iron you have in your garage, according to this magnet.

Reddit | Fisheatsbear

The reflection from this pane creates something that looks like a door portal to a different dimension.

Reddit | embracingfit

A massive storm washed away the sand dune this tree was growing on. And now the tree has nothing to hide.

Reddit | I_am_Jo_Pitt

This is not a new heavy-metal-themed font style. Exposure to extreme sun altered this parking sign and now everybody thinks this is a poster for a rock concert.

Reddit | dave_wigwam

This clock sliding off the wall looks so perfect that it looks like an art installation.

clock on a melting wall strange things
Reddit | i_was_a_lemur_once

This fallen pole is trying to tell us something. It clearly says that smoking is bad for your health.

Reddit | BrackAttack