The Space-Saving Quad Micro Bar Table Has Four Pull-Out Bar Stools Inside Of It

This versatile and space-saving Quad Micro Bar Table is designed to reduce the number of furniture pieces in your living space by blending two functions into a single unified piece. Multi-functional furniture is a growing trend as space-saving and multitasking have become the standard in modern living. This is why we at Awesome Inventions continue to bring you the best space-saving solutions we can possibly find to help you maximize your living space. We’ve previously featured a lot of multi-functional furniture including the modular sofa bed that converts into a coffee table and desk, the armchair that transforms into a bed, the couch that converts into a table and bookshelf and many more.

We’ve stumbled upon this round bar table with 4 expandable stools hidden inside its compact body. So you can use the 30-inch diameter tabletop as a pub table or work surface while standing. You can opt to fold out as many stools as you need. When you need seating for yourself, simply fold out one stool and use the table while sitting. Or you can fold out all 4 seats to enjoy nice coffee time (or boozy time) with your friends. When the stools are not in use, simply fold them away and tuck them inside the table’s body to free some space. All 4 chairs are affixed to the table via an expandable mechanism, hence they can not be detached from the base.


Quad Micro Bar Table

quad micro bar table multifunctional

The QMB Table not only hides 4 bar stools inside to provide extra seating. But it also offers a removable shelving unit inside that you can use to store your stuff. A version of it named QMB Max Promotional Fusion comes with a wheeled case for easy transport. This version also includes an on-board 10-ft pop up display inside that you can fold out for promotional events and trade shows. As of now, this versatile furniture is a concept design and we’re not sure when this transforming bar table officially rolls out to the market.

qmb transforming table


quad micro bar table


qmb multifunctional furniture


quad micro bar table hidden stools


qmb multifunctional table


quad micro bar table expandable stools


quad micro bar table transforming furniture


quad micro bar table concept design


QMB Max Promotion Fusion

qmb max wheeled case


qmb max promotional fusion


qmb max fusion pop up display


qmb max promotional fusion design


quad micro bar table max version


Watch the QMB Table and the QMB Max Promotional Fusion in action on the videos below


Source: Coroflot