15 Weird Ideas From Genius People That Actually Worked

Strange people are the most creative of all when it comes to weird ideas. The explanation for this is simple. The mind can only process information as much as it can store. A logical mind filters the relevant information only and discards everything else. Hence, the mind only processes limited yet pertinent information.

On the other hand, a weird mind takes in every piece of information whether relevant or not. When this barrage of information enters the mind, weird ideas happen. Luckily for us, the world is abundant with weird people who never cease to amaze us with their bizarre yet brilliant minds. Here are some examples of weird ideas from creative people.


Anyone who sees this will think that your car has a sunroof.

Can’t afford a new bedside table? How about this instead?

Giving old underwear a second shot at life.

Quilt art is good. But photos are best for they way they are – printed on photo papers. While we’re at it, I advise you to ignore the creepy kid on the right.

How to create elegant candle holders with forks.

A lamp that is sexy and bright.

The long and tedious knitting lessons you spend with grandma has finally paid off.

Creative or eccentric? These brilliant people show that weird ideas can be useful.


Who would’ve thought?!

Don’t throw your old jeans away just yet. They can make a stylish seat cover like this.

Or a strange-looking single couch like this.

Freak out your neighbors with this clever prank called ‘a stalker in a bush’.

How did they miraculously get that gigantic loader grapple inside the kitchen? We will never know.

Mosquitoes found their rightful place.

You need to bring this out after 20 years to remind him what his baby buttocks look like.

A coin purse made from an empty toothpaste tube is pure ingenuity.