pets traveling

25+ Pets Traveling That Were Better Behaved Than A Lot Of People

Traveling and animals are just two of the things that we love the most. Combine these two together and you'll surely have the most memorable trip of your life! Unfortunately, it might be a long time before we can take our fur babies on trips again du...
Unexpected things

15 Unexpected Things People Saw While In Thailand

Iconic temples, royal palaces, ancient ruins, pristine beaches and tranquil canalside communities - Thailand has a plethora of tourist attractions. But aside from these well-known attractions, the Southeast Asian country also has plenty of unexpected...
lie down economy seat

New Economy Class Seat Design Allows Passengers To Lie Down

Long-haul flights are equally exciting and exhausting. More often than not, they signify that you're off to an interesting destination. However, sitting for long hours in a flying aircraft is certainly not something you would look forward to. Well, f...