Awkward Moments So Painful You Can Actually Feel It

We’ve been there, we’ve all had our own share of awkward moments that we never would wish to remember anymore. Sadly, the most uncomfortable moments are the ones which remain the longest in our memory. And it would be impossible to erase them as long...

Rare Popstar Facts That You Probably Never Knew About

If you think you’ve known everything about your favorite pop star idols, think again. There are still a lot of secrets and rare popstar facts behind the music that you probably didn’t know. The influence of pop music has been prevalent since its intr...

Stunning and Unrecognizable Celebrity Transformations In 2017

From simple style changes to major makeovers, 2017 was the year when a lot of headlines were about Hollywood celebrity transformations. Some celebrities changed their looks so much they were almost unrecognizable. Because looks are so important in th...

Hilarious Moments When People Met Celebrity Lookalikes

Meeting a celebrity is probably very exciting for anyone, unless they turn out to be celebrity lookalikes! Then it's just hilarious, especially if those people truly believe that that person is the real deal. It's not everyday you get to encounter a ...

15 Savage Celebrity Tweets That Are Just Brilliant

Social media has indeed become an effective platform to express one's feelings and opinions towards almost anything. This, of course, doesn't exclude celebrities, especially on platforms such as Twitter! A number of celebrities who are active on soci...

2018 Movies Coming Soon That People Can’t Wait For

There are countless movies that gets released every month all the time. I know that many of us can’t just watch all the movies released because we live busy lives. We can’t afford wasting time on movies that aren’t worth it. Luckily, we took the libe...

13 People Who Made History on Live TV

Live videos are a fun way to connect with people, and it shows us the real behavior of people we admire or would like to meet. Furthermore, it can be pretty enlightening and comical to see how they react to the most awkward situations. We’re here to...

Times Cosplayers Made Unbelievably Realistic Transformations

One of the things we love about cosplay is the amount of people that love to get involved. The thought, detail and effort invested into their spectacular looks is simply amazing. In fact, sometimes it's hard to believe that the cosplayer isn't really...
The Weirdest Things Celebrities Have Ever Signed

The Weirdest Things Celebrities Have Ever Signed

Part of being a celebrity is having to interact with your fans. This might be at a premier or an official signing event, or it could just be a random encounter on the street. Although you hear of some stars who are notorious grumps, the majority of c...
Perfectly Timed Pictures Of Celebrities That Look Hilarious

Perfectly Timed Pictures Of Celebrities That Look Hilarious

Celebrities usually look good. And it's no wonder thanks to their stylists, make up artists and personal hairdressers. Then when you add the airbrushing, mood lighting and photoshopping, it's little wonder the final pictures we see in magazines are...
Fan Tshirts That Grabbed Attention From Celebrities

Fan Tshirts That Grabbed Attention From Celebrities

If you're a big fan of a major music superstar or acting celebrity, it can be notoriously hard to get their attention. Unless you're really lucky and your favorite star approaches you in your home town to ask for directions or something, meeting bu...

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