Health & Beauty

12 Early Warning Signs Of Cancer That Women Should Not Ignore

Women's bodies are always changing and more often than not, these changes are overlooked. Although most of these changes may seem normal, it's crucial to pay close attention to your body so you can spot unusual symptoms early on. Today, we're giving ...

Beauty Vlog Fails That Will Hilariously Redefine Beauty

Makeup tutorials and tips from beauty vloggers online have helped us in many ways. But these beauty vlog fails will make you realize how troublesome it is to look pretty. We surely want to look our best all the time. Thankfully, there are beauty expe...

Craziest Beauty Fails That You Won’t Bother Trying At Home

It takes a lot of effort to look great. But these hilarious beauty fails will make you realize how some people go out of their depths to look beautiful. When it comes to beauty hacks, the internet has an endless repository of video tutorials and do-i...

People Share Photos To Compare Themselves 6 Years Ago vs Now

People around the globe are in for the newest challenge. You’ve probably heard about the #2012vs2018 trend that’s been taking the internet by storm lately. But just in case you didn’t know, let me explain it for you. People want to show how they’ve c...

Confessions From Women Who Suffer From Dysmenorrhea

When it's that time of the month, women go through different feelings and emotions. Mood swings and cramps are just some of the most common. Some women suffer from Dysmenorrhea or intense pain during their menstrual cycle. Not everyone is aware about...

What Barbers Are Really Thinking That They Can’t Say Out Loud

Barbers work to keep their clients happy, look good, and feel great. They usually engage in small talk because it’s essential to build customer relationships. But, have you ever thought about what barbers are really thinking about while they’re busy ...
dieting struggles

16 Dieting Struggles That Show The Pain We All Feel

For most of us, at some point in our lives, we decide to go on a diet to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Wanting to be healthy requires hard work and determination. Starting a diet and planning it is easy but being able to maintain it is what’s diffic...
period life hacks

20 Period Life Hacks That Will Make Women’s Lives Easier

Being a woman is hard work. One subcategory of these hardships is a lady's time of the month. Headaches, backaches, cravings, and awful cramping are just the worst. Here we have a list of women sharing their period life hacks that make this dreaded t...
living with tokophobia

People Share How Living With Tokophobia Really Feels

Not a lot of people are aware of Tokophobia. Tokophobia by definition is the fear of pregnancy or having a child. This type of phobia makes it difficult for anyone with this condition to be around pregnant females or to inside delivery rooms. Interes...

Homemade Beauty Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Maintaining healthy and clear skin can be so expensive. It often takes a lot beauty product hoarding to get the skin you want and it ends up costing a huge amount. For a short time, it's manageable, but long term, you want something sustainable! A lo...

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