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testicle jacuzzi

The ‘Testicuzzi’ Is A Jacuzzi For Your Testicles

Nothing beats a relaxing soak in a Jacuzzi after a long day’s work to soothe our exhausted mind and body. Luckily for men, they can now wallow in the same spa treatment with this innovative Testicuzzi. From the name itself, you can easily sort out wh...
dog nail polish is safe for pups

People And Their Dogs Are Getting Matching Pedicures

If you’ve got a dog, it’s highly likely that they’re among your most favorite creatures. Now, if you want to show how you really are the best of friends, why don’t you get yourselves a matching pedicure or manicure? Apparently, there’s one more fact ...
color-changing tattoos dermal biosensors

Tattoos That Change Color To Warn You Of Potential Health Issues

For years, tattoos have been deemed as a form of body modification and self-expression. In other words, tattoos were primarily created for aesthetic purposes or simply for show. While some people embrace the idea of inking their skins, others think i...