Cringeworthy Pictures of Unusual Things We Couldn’t Bear To Live With

What are the things that can send shivers down your spine? It’s not only the paranormal or macabre stuff that can strike terror in our hearts. These cringeworthy pictures are not scary at the very least but they are disturbing enough to terrify you. Pictures can certainly draw a lot of reactions from us. They can make us laugh, cry, inspired, aghast or flinch. Their influence on human emotions only shows how powerful photographs can be. The photos you’re about to see are the kinds of images that are too hard to keep and you’d rather forget. Check out these cringeworthy pictures of unusual things we couldn’t bear to live with.


When someone tells me to clean my computer’s motherboard.

Reddit | ImmortalMewtwo

Urinals are only good for what they are intended for. Who cares about what they look?

Reddit | jake_burger

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can also be eaten this way. Because most of the peanut butter and jelly will be transferred to the hand, you’ll need to lick your fingers after taking a bite of the sandwich.

Reddit | christhecool96

Did Honda mess up with this one? Or did someone just come up with this mess?

Reddit | Lightyear697

Can someone please summon this sumo wrestler to chop the hideous car above?


Wait, are those my brothers and sisters inside this silver thing?

Reddit | TheCatsTail

Churches should stop this millennial thing because it doesn’t suit them. It’s painful to look at this sign and their failed attempt to reach out to the youth.

Reddit | lunaluciferr

Photos that will make you wince in disapproval



Curse you, milk carton! Why do you always do this to me?

Reddit | Hunnerboy8

The spiral nail art looks so cool but it’s not that cool when something gets itchy and you need to badly scratch it but can’t.

Reddit | derp0tat0

Rule #1 when applying screen protector: make sure to clean the phone screen to avoid this atrocity.

Reddit | FitzPaton

I appreciate the creativity they put into this bike but I’m not quite sure if I like what I’m seeing.

muscle man bike cringeworthy pics
Reddit | DungSC127

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how NOT to slice a cake.

Reddit | drewross1997

Now why would anyone want to use a pogo stick next to a metal railing?


Yes, Ryan. We’re asking the same thing.


Here’s another baffling thing that will make you question what this carpenter is thinking.

Reddit | jaymana71

This is probably a delightful treat for people with sweet tooth. But not for normal people like us. So weird!