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cool 3d printed things

30 Cool Things People Created Using A 3D Printer

Since the advent of digital printing, even ordinary individuals were able to print any image file directly to a printer. Unlike the traditional offset printing, digital printing offers inexpensive printing that you can easily carry out at home or off...
cat armor

Man 3D Prints Armor For His Cat And It Looks Seriously Cool

A badass armor for your kitty, how’s that sound? Just like anybody else, you’re probably thinking what good does an armor do to a cat.  For sure, an adorable kitty wearing an armor would be a sure hit on Instagram. But a creative artist from PrintTha...
Astronomical Sphere rings

400-Year-Old Rings Transform Into Spheres Used For Astronomy

These armillary sphere rings allow you to wear the entire universe on your finger. Harem rings, also known as ‘puzzle rings’, became a trend in the jewelry industry in 2012. These modern rings consist of multiple interconnected bands that can be sepa...