Photos of People Breaking Rules in the Most Hilarious Ways

While most people prefer to play safe by obeying the law, there are some who find leisure in breaking them. These people are rebels who like breaking rules in the funniest ways possible. But don’t get the wrong idea because we’re not talking about first degree crimes here. To put it another way, expect no violence or any foul play in this post, only the funny stuff. So sit back and relax. Enjoy these funny photos of people breaking rules in the most hilarious ways and defying society norms.


Because we need to let them know we understood the message clearly.

Reddit | RunningDrummer

When they say chair free zone, it doesn’t mean everyone is free to bring their own chair.

Reddit | omorii

And just like that, another challenger is burned down by Granny’s killer moves.

Reddit | Myoplasmic

It’s about time our canine buddies make a stand against discrimination.

Reddit | bitterbuffaloheart

The two-tailed mermaid has been overexposed and the world had enough of it. Haha!

Reddit | dwarfboy1717

This sign has too many bills to pay.

Reddit |jbsmomhasgotitgoinon

Rules are for those who lack imagination. Zombies have no imagination. Therefore, rules are for zombies.

obeying rules are-for zombies people breaking rules
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Funny people who refuse to obey the rules



Who pays attention to instructions, anyway?

Reddit | Blazer3011

All he needs is a beverage and a popsicle to become a 100% legit rule-breaker.

Reddit | sickbruv

Ouch, that definitely hurts. It’s like checking what your sweetheart is doing just to see them flirting with somebody else.

Reddit | Legitimate_Luke

We need something to remind us of the most basic things in life because we always forget our left and right direction.

Reddit | lizanyah

Even famous actors break the rules sometimes.

Reddit | thestaggart

It shouldn’t be a big deal if you’re mistaken for a popular dude. Especially if that popular dude calls you out himself.

Reddit | amirr4

Why do opposite poles attract each other? This is more like opposite phones attracting each other.

Reddit | elephantofdoom

This dog doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. More importantly, he doesn’t take ‘no’ for a rule.

Reddit | whicketywack