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Cat Gets Smuggled Into Class After Refusing To Be Left Alone

I think all pet owners can relate to that moment when your pet begs you to stay when you’re about to go to school or work. It’s always such a heartbreaking moment! And most of the time, we end up spending the rest of our day wondering (er, worrying) ...
Cute pets with toy

30 Cute Pets That Refuse To Separate With Their Favorite Toys

Warm your heart with these uplifting photos of cute pets with their favorite toys. Toys were an essential part of our childhood as these things helped us nurture our creativity and imagination while providing us with plenty of enjoyment and happiness...
Funny animals

Funny Animals Who Flat Out Refuse To Act Normal

Funny animals and their unusual and ridiculous antics are just the best. More often than not, you’ve noticed your pet doing silly things that are definitely out of the ordinary. And it’s always amusing when they try to act like humans, settle in weir...
Dog crocs

Dog Crocs Are Becoming A Trend

Crocs aren't exactly the most flattering and fashionable footwear out there on the market, but they sure are comfortable. Nevertheless, we bet that that fact alone still isn't enough to convince your family and friends to jump on to the foam clogs cr...
Maneki Neko jacked waving cat statue

This (Maneki Neko) Waving Cat Statue Is Super Jacked

Attract more good luck and bigger fortune into your business or home with this Jacked Waving Cat Statue. If you’ve ever visited an Asian restaurant or a Chinese shop, you might’ve noticed a tiny figurine of a kitty with one of its paws raised. The fi...
Sloth lounger

Hangout On This Giant Sloth Lounger

If anyone knows anything about relaxing, it would be the sloths. But did you know that two out of the six sloth species are currently endangered? The population of the Pygmy Sloths and Maned Sloths have dwindled drastically over the past years. In li...