Architecture & Design

Genius Fails That Cannot be Understood Logically

There are certain things around us that make you question the reason for their existence. As far as design is concerned, we don’t need to be design experts to figure out that some structures, advertisements, and products are so hilariously messed up....

Brilliant Ideas That We Should Seriously Consider Adopting

In these days where technology executes most human chores, it seems like we have everything we need and more. But there are still plenty of clever ideas that we didn’t know are existing somewhere around the world. And these genius concepts could impr...

Regrettable Photos That You Won’t Be Able To Undo

If only there’s an undo button that we can use in this life, there would be no more room for mistakes. However, reality doesn’t work that way and we have these regrettable photos to confirm this sad truth. The decisions we make may not end up the way...

Nonsensical Photos That Will Absolutely Defy All Logic

When it’s impossible to make a sense out of something so absurd, how do you deal with it? Well, you’re about to find out with these nonsensical photos that will put your rational mind to the test. It’s amazing how our brain can process bulk amount of...

Photos of Strange Things You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

Life is strange enough by itself. But there are strange things that can still make you question your familiarity with the world. People are more likely to pursue stranger things because they’re sick and tired of the ordinary. But even the most common...
unique furniture designs

Unique Furniture Designs That Will Instantly Revamp Your Home

What makes a home stand out from the rest? Unique furniture designs, of course. There are many styles such as modern, classic, weird and wacky, an each style is sure to suit someone out there. These pieces below are certainly eye-catching and will ad...
funny design fails

20 Design Fails That Will Give You A Good Laugh

Not everyone is gifted with great sense of style and creativity, so that’s why we hire designers. But sometimes things don't quite go to plan and they end up being epic design fails. People trust the designers because they obviously know more about w...
useful inventions

20 Awesome and Useful Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

New inventions are currently being produced every day, and there are many new awesome and useful inventions that are not yet recognized by the majority. Luckily, here is a list of the latest gadgets that we all need to know! Get ready and be amazed a...
bad designs that are funny

Funny Design Fails That Will Have You Laughing Into Next Week

These designers must have been on another plane when they created these funny design fails. People often overlook the talent of designers. What seems to be just a simple creation was actually a result of a designer’s optimum effort and research. Of c...

Funny Photos Of Over Sized Everyday Objects

Art allows humans to create anything. Big or small, art makes it possible. There are times when the regular versions of things we see everyday are not good enough. This where art comes into play and make a huge difference. Because the world can be bo...

16 Captivating Photos Of Things That Have Aged

There is nothing truly permanent in this world. People and things will come and go. Change is inevitable and can happen in an instant or over millions of years. Here we have 16 captivating photos of things that have aged. Take a look!  Hands across ...

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