Cargo socks

Who Needs Cargo Pants When You Can Wear Cargo Socks

When it comes to product concepts, there’s the one that you wish never existed and there’s the one that makes you upset because it doesn’t exist. These cargo socks definitely belong to the latter. A pair of socks with one or more pockets designed for...
funny Polite Graffiti

30 Times People Spotted Graffiti That Was Overly Polite

Let’s try to look at the bright side of vandalism with hilariously polite graffiti found in random public spaces. Back in the day, graffiti had a bad reputation that made it almost synonymous with vandalism. But over the years, the practice of unauth...
harry potter candles

These Sassy Harry Potter-Themed Candles Mean Serious Business

If scented candles are among the things that give you inner peace and you happen to be a major Potterhead, then we've got some exciting news for you. There's an Etsy shop that sells candles inspired by Harry Potter. What's more, is that they all feat...