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freckle tattoos

People Are Now Tattooing Freckles On Their Faces

Beauty trends never fail to amuse and confuse us every single time. Remember back in the days when extremely thin eyebrows were a thing? Well, now, ladies and even some lads alike can't go out of the house without full brows on. Indeed, makeup never ...
Giant Cookie Monster Halloween Decoration

Woman Turns Her Porch Into A Giant Cookie Monster For Halloween

Step up your Halloween decorating game this year and draw inspiration from this witty Pennsylvania-based woman. We all know that jack-o'-lanterns, skulls, bats, and ghouls are spooky season staples. But Lisa Boll decided to stray away from all these ...
Funny Pumpkin Ideas

37 People Share The Scariest Pumpkins They Have Ever Seen

Adults may have successfully grown out of their fear of the dark, the boogeyman, and other spooky creatures. But this doesn't necessarily mean that they're not scared of anything anymore. In fact, there's probably a lot more things that creep adults ...