Unbelievably Creepy Pictures That Will Give You Nightmares

Halloween is still a long way ahead but we’ve got something to scare your pants off. First, let me warn you that these creepy pictures are definitely not for the faintest of hearts. So if you think you have the courage to continue then read on. It’s only normal to feel afraid but there’s always that particular thing that scares us the most. Ghosts, clowns, terrifying crawlers and gory objects are only a few of the things that embody our worst nightmares. Get ready for a bone-chilling experience as we present to you our collection of unbelievably creepy pictures that will give you nightmares.

Snapchat’s face recognition feature is so powerful that it can detect faces from the unknown.


This is certainly a thrill of a lifetime experience until that crocodile finally figures out how to break that glass.

Reddit | Ceewcee

Ah, the beauty of autumn leaves is picture-perfect. This is the best time to take a picture with these alluring leaves and… wait a minute… are leaves supposed to crawl?

The Chive

Don’t mind me. This corner is my part of the house and you are off-limits.

Instagram | kalesalad

Creepy pictures that make you wonder what they were thinking. Yard sale advertisements should be captivating in order to lure in people. In this case, their choice of mascot is frightening so it’s no wonder no one is coming.


Easter bunnies used to be cute and loving. Looking at this image completely changed my view about them.

Reddit | malgoya

Whatever happens, do not look at the attic window. But I bet you’ll look anyway so feel free to gaze at that creepy man.


Scary photos that will make your spine shiver



The water seems cool and nice but your swimming buddy doesn’t look good at all.

Reddit | lapalu

Before you munch on a juicy tomato, make sure there’s no big fat worm in it. I don’t even want to imagine how gross it is to sink your teeth into that slushy bug.

The Chive

I don’t know what that creature is but the comment on this post makes a little sense.

Imgur | shwarznegger

I wouldn’t want to put my hands into that garbage bin just to throw away my trash. And if by any chance that mouth suddenly shuts and catches my hand, I swear I’ll have a heart attack.

Imgur | wavetree

Okay, buddy. The key is all yours.

Reddit | imavietbadboi

Nature is the greatest prankster in the world. Trick or treat!

scary looking tree creepy pictures
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Let’s build a playground near the open graveyard to let our kids play with the wandering souls of the departed ones.

Instagram | sadfolks

Pennywise as a kid proves to be much more frightening.

Instagram | meme.w0rld