21 Things That Leave People Scratching Their Head

People love to do strange things simply because they are bored or they’re just downright weird. But we can’t deny the fact that their quirkiness make the world a fun and exciting place to live in. Imagine living in a world full of ‘normal’ people. Yup, that would be very boring.

Human beings are endowed with common sense and this natural ability allows them to make good judgements and behave in a sensible manner. But despite having this inner faculty, people still tend to do strange things that can’t be explained logically. Making artificial hair made out of peanut butter, getting a haircut from a shirtless stranger in the park, a pickup truck miraculously sitting on top of a fence – these weird people are sure to leave anyone confused with their hilariously peculiar decisions.


People Doing Strange Things That Will Leave You Confused And Amused

But why would they do that? That’s certainly the question you’ll be asking when you see these photos of funny people doing some strange things that will put your common sense to the test. But can you really blame these people if they chose to act crazy? Well, normal day-to-day lives can get pretty dull and even tedious at times. Seeing people trying to do the unimaginable is actually a breath of fresh air. We honestly think we need more people like them.

“I found something worse than socks and sandals.”


“Third into fourth always gives me trouble…”


“I saw a shirtless man cutting another guy’s hair in the park today.”


“Underwater selfie”


“Meanwhile today in Texas, stupidity reigns”


“Food hacking at the office”


“This guy is playing his music out loud on a full flight at max volume.”


“Hold my beer, I got this”


“Me: ‘I want to show off how much I hate guns’ Barber: ‘Say no more fam'”


“Our privacy fences are the strongest in town, but they don’t always block the view of traffic.”


“I don’t even know what to call this.”


“Low-cut jeans”


“Just a koala cooling down”


“Now you can see what your arm actually looks like”


“Spinner sandwich”


“Mind-blowing stunt”


“Don’t stop believing”


“Always sit like a lady”


“No to greasy fingers”