Weird Things That Will Leave A Lasting Imprint In Your Brain

Some things are either too good or too bad to leave a lasting impression in us. These weird things will absolutely linger in your memory for a while, whether you like or not. There are strange things that will force their way into your mind. And they’ll stay there until your brain can finally process them. The longer they stay in your memory, the deeper the imprint they leave behind. They say there’s nothing that logic or science cannot explain. But I bet even the most logical person can’t explain these weird things you’re about to see. Try not to scratch your head with these eccentricities.


An elbow pipe fitting is not an ideal alternative for helmets. That is more dangerous than wearing no helmet at all.

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When there’s no bedroom available and you find someplace comfortable to spend the night.

Instagram | bruhifunny

That’s a lot of Pooh scattered all over the place and it wasn’t all that disgusting.

Reddit | Danker_Than_Allowed

I don’t know what this car did so horribly wrong to be cut like this and hanged on the rope. That’s certainly the highest level of harsh punishment.

Reddit | Kar_Na_Vor

Just when you thought music and culinary can’t possibly work together.

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Do you know what’s the most uncomfortable feeling in the world? It’s when you step on spiky grass with bare feet.

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I’ve no idea why this guy prefers to wear these bananas rather than to eat them.

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Strange things that will make you scratch your head



Seeing Barbie getting stuck in this weird position is making me cringe. What makes it worse is how they thrust her hands and legs into the avocados. Some people just don’t like avocados, I think.

Reddit | Garrettdg9

Is this rifle hairstyle a good thing or a bad idea? It surely is unique and creative but I doubt anyone would want to sport it. It’s brilliant but it doesn’t actually hit the mark.

Reddit | temple_of_spook

It won’t hurt to buy a flower case to hold those flowers instead of using a toilet bowl.

Reddit | FourthAge

Chicken coops also need to be attractive. But no one would’ve thought of making it appear as a washing machine. Does this particular chicken love washing machine that much?

Reddit | Anthrax_Warhead

Their choice of mannequins is quite baffling. This is definitely not okay.

Reddit | Danker_Than_Allowed

The fork, the pasta, and the skateboard. This is the perfect recipe for an utter peril.

Reddit | frequencity

Eating a stretchy mozzarella cheese shouldn’t be this hard. But if you want to do it in a more challenging way then you can do it like this.

Instagram | streetcatto

Seems like the flying house didn’t have a good landing as it hit the ground roof-first.

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