Hilariously Atrocious Things That Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable

The world can surprise us in ways we can never imagine. There are certain things that can make us ask “Why?” and later say “Heck, no!” Just take a look at these hilariously atrocious things and we guarantee you’ll certainly utter those words. And why would we want to make you cringe with these unsettling things? Our mind enjoys both the simple and the weird stuff. Strange things somewhat fascinate our eyes and soul, no matter how outrageous they are. We have gathered these hilariously atrocious things that will bring you mixed emotions of confusion, laughter, agitation and more.



It’s good to have fun and play a bit while cooking but cut down in making hideous things such as this one.

Reddit | Pirate_Redbeard

Looks like a company just picked up some crust leftovers, put them into a bottle jar, and sell them as this.

Twitter | obviousplant

Because toilet is a revered thing, it deserves a pedestal, said no one ever.

toilet stairs hilariously atrocious things
Reddit | welchie98

Getting a sweet kiss doesn’t have to be this complicated but this engaged couple really wants to make a memorable photo.

Reddit | Obroni

When R2D2 and Buzz Lightyear decide to collaborate and merge into one character, we get this confusing thing.

Reddit | e_smith338

The flavoring is a nice touch, if only we can taste this thing but we can’t… and we won’t.

imgur | deftones325127001

Dental braces are made to fix crooked teeth because crooked teeth aren’t appealing. Now, teeth are different from fingers. Fingers are made with different lengths for a reason. And they don’t need any fixing from braces.


Unsettling photos that will leave you bewildered



We have to admit it, this thing can pass as an artistic sculpture but definitely not as a food.

Imgur | blondecontradiction

Harry Styles doesn’t look so good when worn as a sock. Please leave Mr. Styles alone.

Reddit | theunbornpotato

When a group of anime nerds invite you to meet with their girlfriends, don’t expect to meet real girls. They’ll probably bring their imaginary girlfriends and pretend as if they’re real.

Reddit | forgotmyaccount3

A tooth for a tooth. Can you take a bite on this teeth-like corn?

Reddit | GoblinsStoleMyHouse

Now is the right time to yell out “Why?” Who would want to wear this thing and humiliate themselves?


Now, who wants some fresh milk straight from a cow’s udder? I would if that’s a real cow. But definitely not from this man.

cow belly milk hilariously atrocious things
Reddit | MyDougs

This is us when we try to put up a decent front but the craziness inside us is waiting to be unleashed.

Imgur | GmanJman

Do you want to have instant muscles without having the need to hit the gym? Look at that muscles on the man’s’ chest. Who needs to workout when you have this thing?

Reddit | K-Tomp1

It’s surprising to know that aside from Spongebob, someone also thinks snails are good pets.

Reddit | CosmicKeys