Proofs that the Real World has Stranger Things Than the Upside Down

If you’re looking for something weird then you don’t need to go to a different dimension. The real world you’re living in has stranger things to offer than any other dimensions out there. Needless to say, you only have to look around you and wander different places to come across the weird stuff. Trust me, there are plenty of them somewhere. But guess what? You don’t need to go anywhere else because we’re bringing them to you. Here are proofs to show that the real world is more loaded with stranger things than the Demogorgon-laden upside down.



We have no idea what’s happening here. But we’re assuming that the guy on his knees might have done something horribly wrong  to deserve this punishment.

Reddit | vo_xv

When a teacher doesn’t allow students to bring foods in a 4-hour class, this is when students become cleverly sneaky.

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Instagram | streetcatto

Now this jeep can accommodate twice as many passengers than an ordinary jeep. Never mind the appearance, it’s the number of people it can carry that really matters.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

The cloud-guardian didn’t have time to hide from being spotted. Now everyone knows he exists.

Instagram | meme.w0rld

We can’t just ignore the fact that the scorching summer heat is slowly melting a whole state.

Instagram | memelif3

The entire class wants to create a mind-blowing illusion and they did a good job. But I’m not sure if it’s all worth it. Someone might be thinking why he has to lie on the floor just for this thing?

Reddit | haltmich

Can you actually relax on a comfortable couch thinking that a urinal is just inches behind you?

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Proofs that reality is stranger than fiction



A breakfast that you can wear! Fashion has really come a long way.

Reddit | Theepicturtle72

A horse tries to console a cow after it finds out that its family has turned into corned beef. But little did the horse know that its family has also turned into steaks somewhere.

Reddit | Scaulbylausis

Google Maps has captured the weirdest of things but this one takes the cake. Is this a secret association of pigeon-heads? What does this association aim for?

Reddit | prakashchandroth

This road worker doesn’t want people looking at him while he’s taking a break. This explains the black suit. The only thing he didn’t anticipate is that he’s actually drawing more attention to him.

Reddit | Keither60

If you’ve watched the psychological horror- thriller film The Birds then this scene will remind you of the terror-birds. But even without seeing that movie, this scene is still creepy.

Reddit | wadeybb

How about this hybrid of a military vehicle and a Punch Buggy? Is it clever or too much?

Reddit | DrizztoElCazador

It’s more difficult to make a lie now that technology can reveal where you currently are. But not even the truth can defeat a clever mind.

Instagram | will_ent

I don’t need to take a bite on this sandwich to know how disgusting it tastes. Mustard on M&Ms? Are they serious?

Instagram | streetcatto