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Spam pumpkin spice

Pumpkin Spice Spam Is Hitting Stores This Fall

When you look beyond yourself, there's quite a new world waiting to entertain you. Yes, things and Pumpkin Spice. But, here's the thing. A lot of brands are already adapting the flavor, and there's one more coming: it's Spam! Well, we have been heari...
fried chicken iphone cases

There’s Transparent Phone Cases With Fried Chicken Attached

From being simple phone protectors to becoming fancy little works of art — phone cases have truly evolved. In other words, they are becoming instruments to express oneself. So, it’s no surprise that you would find some funky cases out there. Some are...
Funny Plastic Egg Containers

Chicken Owners Everywhere Need These Hilarious Egg Cartons

What’s not to love about chickens? They are lovely creatures that can make charming pets. And they can give you fresh eggs every morning for a healthy breakfast. We bet no other pets can provide that same luxury. In order to pay tribute to their dail...