The Hot Lips Face Heater Is A Face’s Best Friend During The Winter Months

The winter season is just a couple of months away. So, it’s wise to invest in something that can keep you toasty even when you spend a great deal of time in the outdoors. Well, this Hot Lips Face Heater might just be the thing you need. All you need to do is fill the device with kerosene, activate the electric coil grate, light it up via the windproof match port and wear it on your head to provide one hour of heat directly aimed on your face. So, you can enjoy the chilly outdoors without getting your face frozen.

If you think the face heater is a ridiculous product then you can put your mind at ease because this doesn’t actually exist. It’s a gag gift box intended for pranks. So, it’s basically the same as the DIY Vasectomy Kit and the Hay in a Needle Stack Board Game. This prank gift box features an absurd product on the packaging. But it doesn’t actually contain the product described on the box. Simply slip your actual gift in the prank box and watch the receiver lose their minds when they see the box.


Hot Lips Face Heater Prank Pack

hot lips face heater

What would be their reaction upon seeing the face heater box? Well, who wouldn’t want to have a portable device that can heat up the face in the snowy outdoors? The only catch is that, since the device entirely covers the face, the wearer won’t be able to see anything. But consider that problem solved because it comes with an optional side mirror to let the wearer see the surroundings. We guess toppling over several times isn’t a big deal as long as your face feels warm, right? The biggest question now is: is it safe to wear?

hot lips face heater prank box


prank gift box


prank gift box portable warmer

It did come with a warning label that says the temperature may burn or char skin. But you don’t have to worry because it has a patented distance spacer that sits on top of the wearer’s nose to ensure that the heater doesn’t come in contact with the face. Real handy!

Although it says that the Hot Lips Face Heater is perfect for sledding, running and other outdoor activities, you may need to be extra careful because the unit may explode if dropped or crushed. But then again, you don’t have to worry. You only need to read the included 140-page operation manual and follow the instructions then you’re good.

hot lips face heater box details


funny gag gift box


funny prank gift box

That’s not all. You can also get an optional Bronzing Lotion that you can apply on your face to give it a vibrant glow while you’re using the face heater. Getting a tanned face has never been this easy and affordable. The face heater can also be used to defrost food which could really come in handy. At least, the defrosting feature is the only thing that actually makes sense. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Looks totally legitimate. Great fake instructions and all kinds of funny high quality photos. Great as a gift box gag.”

Get the prank gift box here.

hot lips face heater prank gift

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