Make your mobile stand out with these super cool smartphone cases

These days there’s so many cool cases for your smartphone it’s so hard to choose! We’ve put together a collection of some awesome cases, most of which have extra functions other than simply protecting your phone. They’re all available right here on Awesome Inventions so if you see something you want then you know where to get it.

Etch A Sketch iPhone Case

etch a sketch case

Relive your childhood memories!
Find it here: Etch A Sketch iPhone Case

Gameboy iPhone Case

gameboy case

Looks exactly like the original one from the 90’s!
Find it here: Gameboy iPhone Case

Handbag iPhone Case

handbag case

handbag inside case

This has space for your important cards and money as well as your phone. Looks super stylish too!
Find it here: Handbag iPhone Case

iPhone 5 Lighter Case

lighter case

A must-have for smokers! You’ll no longer need to carry a lighter around with you as there will always be one on your phone.
Find it here: iPhone 5 Lighter Case

Iron Man iPhone 5 Case

iron man case

Perfect for fans!
Find it here: Iron Man iPhone 5 Case

iPhone Money Clip Case

money clip case

Here’s another with space for your money and cards, this one being slightly more appealing for the guys.
Find it here: iPhone Money Clip Case

Multi Tool iPhone 5 Case

multi tool case

There’s so many handy functions on this case!
Find it here: Multi Tool iPhone 5 Case

Pepper Spray iPhone Case

pepper spray case

Always be prepared wherever and whenever.
Find it here: Pepper Spray iPhone Case

Retro Game iPhone 5 Case

maze case

Perfect when you’re waiting for something or someone and are bored with all your apps!
Find it here: Retro Game iPhone 5 Case

Spock Ear iPhone 5 Case

spock ear case

Give everyone around you a good laugh!
Find it here: Spock Ear iPhone 5 Case

Waterproof iPhone Case

waterproof case

The ultimate in phone protection.
Find it here: Waterproof iPhone Case