Hay In A Needle Stack Board Game Is The Best Way To Prank Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Looking for a unique and fun gift for your family or friends this Christmas? Well, then why not go for this Hay In A Needle Stack Board Game? It’s the ultimate game of skill and chance. Kids surely love exciting challenges, especially when they involve a little bit of danger. So, there’s no doubt that they would totally love this gift of yours, no matter how bizarre it seems. 

That said, it would be best to ask permission before you hand out your gift. And by that, we mean revealing to them beforehand that this board game is nothing but a prank gift idea. Well, unless of course, it’s the adults that you’re planning to pull a prank on. Also, we’re sorry to disappoint you right there, if, by any chance, you’re starting to believe that such a product exists. 

Hay In A Needle Stack Board Game Prank Gift Box Front


Hay In A Needle Stack Board Game Prank Gift Box Back

Nonetheless, this “board game” will definitely turn heads, raise eyebrows and catch everyone’s attention at your next gathering. And even though you can’t get the real thing, you can still get its packaging at the very least. Yes, you’ve read that right. There’s actually a company that produces prank gift boxes. So, what you can do is sneak in your real gift inside this funny box and be the biggest jokester. 

Real Gift Inside Prank Gift Box

We’re betting that both kids and adults would find it hard not to fall for this prank gift box. Honestly speaking, the creators of this box deserve an award. They’ve basically got everything figured out. From the name of the ridiculous fictional product itself, down to the nitty-gritty product description that’s complete with images. 

Hay In A Needle Stack Board Game Prank Gift Box Front

The box portrays the board game as a family-friendly one that’s suitable for kids aged four and up. Each set contains 10,000 game needles, four pieces of 2” hay and 28 adhesive bandage strips. Well, what can we say? At least they’re thoughtful enough to include bandages that are, as they claim, enough for 25 rounds of the game. For sure, anyone who gets to read these product details will end up cracking up.

Hay In A Needle Stack Board Game Prank Gift Box Details Inclusions

Get your Hay In A Needle Stack Board Game here.

That said, it makes the ultimate prank gift box for all the board game lovers in your life. While you’re at it, better make the most of your prank spree. Check out other bizarre “gift” ideas just like this “Baby Shield” for your expecting friends or this “DIY Vasectomy Kit” for your beloved partner.

Of course, don’t forget to include your real gift inside the box! That’s the least thing you could do for subjecting them to such a mind-blowing encounter.