People Are Wearing Scary “Karen Masks” For Halloween This Year

Retail workers and customer service representatives surely know the horror of encountering a “Karen.” So, artist and Etsy shop owner Jason Adcock thought it would be fitting to create Karen masks for Halloween. In fact, he has even described it as “the scariest thing you can be on Halloween!” Well, we couldn’t agree more.

In recent years, people have associated the name “Karen” with an entitled middle-aged women who uses their privilege to get their way. As featured in memes, they’re always angry and demanding to speak to the store or restaurant manager. However, it’s worth pointing out that their complaints or demands are just downright irrational. So, dealing with them can be particularly stressful and a complete waste of time.

karen mask

The origin of the slang term remains unknown. However, people have mainly attributed it to comedian Dane Cook’s 2005 bit, “The Friend Nobody Likes,” who happened to be named Karen. Another suggestion is that it’s based on Amanda Seyfried’s character in the 2004 hit film Mean Girls named Karen Smith.

But regardless of its origin, the online community seemed to have agreed on Karen’s general demographic and psychographic profile and physical appearance. Typical descriptions of her include a middle-aged woman who sports a short, blonde, angled bob hairstyle and drives a minivan. Aside from overflowing self-entitlement and racist tendencies, people have recently started linking her to anti-vax moms as well as anti-maskers.


This Karen mask is bound to be the best costume for this year’s Halloween

scary lady halloween mask costume

 Apparently, Adcock has successfully captured and translated all these features, including her irate facial expression, into one horrifying mask. Made of latex, the handmade full-head mask features the infamous hairstyle, complete with detailed facial features and even false lashes. As per the description, it’s a one-size-fits-most mask with vision slits above the eyes. There are also additional vents in the nose, mouth and ears for comfortable breathing.

karen mask by kamorascostumes


 “2020 is the year of the KAREN! Scare all your friends with your big hair and narrow mind.”

The image of the mask first surfaced on Instagram. Obviously, the post garnered a lot of positive responses, with many users expressing their intent to buy one. Luckily, the mask is available on a made-to-order basis via Adcock’s Etsy shop kamorascostumes. However, do note that processing time may take three to four weeks. So, we strongly suggest ordering yours as early as now!

Source: Jason Adcock Etsy | Instagram