Coffee Talkies

Do you know someone who enjoys having conversations over coffee and is always on the go? Well, then it’s highly likely he or she will love the concept of these Coffee Talkies! Aside from functioning just like your typical travel mug, these “mobile mugphones” double as two-way radios too! So, you can get your caffeine fix and stay in touch with your loved one—all while being on the go. How cool is that?

However, we hope you haven’t got your hopes high just yet. Because just like the Earwax Candle Kit and the Pet Butler Vest, it’s another bogus product that has yet to see the light of day. But the good thing is, it’s available as a gift box, so you can pull a prank on your family and friends. To be fair, the box features highly realistic graphics and plausible product descriptions and features. So, it shouldn’t be hard for you to convince them that it’s the real deal.

coffee talkies prank gift box front


mobile mugphone prank gift box real gift inside

In fact, a certain Derrick Scott from Javajunk Magazine has described it as “the biggest mug innovation since the lid.” The box claims to contain two 16-ounce travel mugs. So, that’s one for you and one for your significant other or best bud. To be fair, it’s a decent size for your daily dose of caffeine fix, so that’s one less red flag.

mobile mugphone prank gift box features


These Coffee Talkies are “mobile mugphones” that let you get your caffeine fix and stay in touch with your loved one—all while being on the go!

As mentioned earlier, these mobile mugphones also double as two-way radios. What’s more, they boast a 1,200-foot range, allowing you to stay connected with your loved one even on the go. Plus, they now feature a two-way video capability for a more immersive conversation. They also come with a detachable handle that doubles as a wireless earphone, so you can sip on your coffee in peace without interrupting your discussion.

coffee talkies prank gift box features


mobile mugphone prank gift box uses

Featuring a stainless-steel shell and a durable stand, these high-tech mugs are also equipped with a signal and temperature indicator screen for your convenience and safety. Other notable features include a built-in antenna, a caffeine-resistant speaker and receiver, a control pad, an HD LCD display, and an auto squelch button. On top of that, the set also includes a wall charger and an auto charger for convenient charging.

coffee talkies prank gift box back

Well, it truly does seem like a well-thought-of concept. So, we wouldn’t blame your loved ones if they totally fall for it. In fact, they might even be disappointed to know that it’s a nonexistent product!

giftee disappointed reaction upon receiving coffee talkies prank gift box


giftee relieved reaction upon finding real gift inside coffee talkies prank gift box

Luckily, at 11.25” long, 3.25” wide, and 9” high, the box is relatively big enough to fit a wide variety of gifts that are actually more useful. From multiple bags of coffee beans, a decent size French press, their dream smartphone, and many more! So, just be sure to give them something that they really like to avoid disappointing them even further!

One happy buyer wrote:

“More popular than the gifts! The effort put into the design is remarkable.”

Source: Amazon