You Can Get Solar Panel Flowers That Absorb The Sun To Heat Up Your Pool

Summer is all about cooling down in scorching hot days. But if you’re feeling a little timid about jumping into the pool on the first go then you might want to get these solar panel flowers to heat up your pool. Unless you’re made of steel and you’re totally fine dipping in chilly water first thing in the morning. But for most of us, it’s either we do some warm-up routine exercises to increase body temperature before getting into the pool or wait for an hour or two to let the sun heat up the pool water.

If you’re a lazy bum like us who lack the motivation to exercise then you have no other choice but to leave the rest to the sun. Well, provided that you’re willing to wait for hours to get your desired temperature. But the good news is, we’ve found these solar panel flowers that could help heat up your pool faster. These floating beauties work by absorbing sunlight and converting it to heat. Hence, they help heat up the water faster by increasing the temperature by a few degrees.


Solar Panel Flowers

solar panel flowers black blue

These solar panel flowers feature a funnel-shaped vortex that draws cool water from below and directs it over the petals to heat it up. And since they are filled up with water, they will stay in the pool even on windy days. They will do their job of heating the water up faster and keeping it warm all day long. But don’t expect these pool warmers to turn your pool into a hot tub.

funnel shaped vortex pool heater


stackable plastic pool heater


solar panel flowers pool

Not only do these solar panel flowers cleverly use the natural heat of the sun to heat up your pool – but they also make an appealing decoration to the water. They look like beautiful lily pads floating on the surface as they also cast fun shadows on the bottom of the pool.

Each flower measures 22 inches in diameter with a stackable design so you can easily store them when not in use. They are made from recyclable plastic and are available in black, blue, and multi-colored options. You can get a pack of 12 or pack of 24 in the color option of your choice. One happy buyer wrote:

“I absolutely love this product! Such a more eye pleasing way of warming up my pool. I love how easy it is to move them around to where the sun is on the water. Can definitely tell a difference with the water temperature under the flowers. Will be getting more for sure!”

solar panel flowers


floating floral lily pads pool heater

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