14 Scary But True Facts About Dihydrogen Monoxide

If you’re concerned about the healthfulness of what you and your family put in your bodies, then you should know the truth about dihydrogen monoxide. This chemical compound lurks in cancer cells, never biodegrades, can corrode pipes, and yet we are forced to consume it every day! Okay, okay…. you got us! It might sound sinister, but it’s plain old H2O… yup, just water! This collection of mock graphics warning us of the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide just go to show that the truth can easily be twisted, and that you should always do your research. So, here are fourteen scary but true facts.

It can’t be washed off

You better be careful and be fully equipped with drying supplies!

hands under running water with dihydrogen-monoxide fact

It can burn the skin

It’s more important than ever to know the ingredients we are ingesting.

starbucks baristas with water burns

Removed from space food

The world needs people who dare to ask the tough questions.

astronauts food selection on tray with cutlery and water removal

Doesn’t biodegrade

Have you ever asked yourself why this is? We are often blind to the things that we don’t want to see!

dirty water going into river

Rust pipes

We never thought about it this way before…

picture of rusted pipe with water

Acid PH level 7

Mind blown!

beaker with water over Bunsen burner ph level

Banned in torture

Let this truly sink in for a moment. Think of the children!

obama banning water

It’s crazy how quickly something can spiral out of control. One person uses a fancy sounding name for something and boom! Panic is spread all over the internet and different people are left with an array of emotions. You’ve got the ones who can’t help but be scared, others who are simply confused and then then those who know exactly what is going on and can’t help but laugh. Which person are you?

Cleansing agent in hospitals

Something just doesn’t add up here. We must raise awareness!

picture of mortuary with water cleansing agent

Juice cartons

Well, when you put it like that…

more h2o in juice than in meth

Sprayed on organic crops

How is it even surviving? We need to tackle this issue immediately. Who wants their food tampered with?

sprayed on crops

In drinks and cleaning agents

Sometimes we only realize these things when it’s too late.

clorox bottle and minute maid juice both have water

Not safe to breathe

Is this the new form of population control?

underwater divers sawing something with water

Water bottles

This isn’t right! Consumers will never know how long water has been on the shelf for.

water bottles on shelves


Interesting. This needs more research.

man lying on desert floor with water bottle in hand and water addiction fact