Earwax Candle Kit

Looking for a unique gift for your candle-obsessed relative or friend? If so, consider this your lucky day because we have just the thing you need! And no, we’re not simply talking about candles with bizarre shapes and funky scents. We’re talking about one that’s truly memorable and ear-resistible. With this Earwax Candle Kit, your loved ones will be able to craft their signature candles using their own ear discharge. Yay or Yikes? You be the judge!

To be fair, the entire concept really does seem odd and even disgusting. But when you come to think of it, it’s actually pretty practical. As pointed out on the packaging, “Your ear is a treasure trove of free, usable wax.” So, instead of splurging on paraffin or soy wax candles, why not use your own supply of wax? Aside from being all-natural, it’s self-replenishing as well, so you basically have a lifetime supply of it! Plus, it yields a natural musk scent that’s uniquely your own.

earwax candle kit prank gift box front


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This Earwax Candle Kit lets you craft your signature candle with your own unique scent!

The kit contains everything you need to create your personalized candle. These include a MAXWAX Extraction Cap and Pump and a 12-feet wick roll. Operating on 12 nine-volt batteries, the extraction cap is powerful enough to harvest six to ten ounces of wax per night. Depending on your genetic makeup and health status, this can amount to as much as four pounds per week. Just imagine the number of candles you can make from that!

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If you’re still reading this, then you’re probably already shaking your head really hard right now. But if not, then we sincerely hope that you’re not looking to purchase one of these ridiculous kits. Because just like the Fart Filter Personal Flatulence Plug and the 12,000-piece Micro Jigsaw Puzzle, it’s another make-believe product that’s designed to boggle people’s minds.

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real gift inside prank gift box

The good news is you can use its “packaging” as a gift box to pull a prank on your loved ones. Simply hide your real gift inside and anticipate all sorts of violent reactions! Made of 100% recyclable cardboard, the box measures 11.25″ wide, 3.25″ deep, and 9″ tall. So, it’s big enough to fit a shirt, a sweater, a book, or an actual DIY candle kit without the yuck factor.

recipient disappointed reaction upon receiving prank gift box


recipient relieved reaction upon finding real gift inside prank gift box

One happy customer wrote:

“Hilarious! Box is high quality with graphics that look like it’s a real product. Such a great prank!”

Source: Amazon