13 Brilliant Drawings Showing Disney Villains Merged With Heroes

Every good Disney story has its hero(es) and villain(s). One person who is a huge fan of Disney is talented artist ‘dada16808’ who shares her work on Instagram. Dada takes a variety of the most loved and hated characters and draws them merged together. We think it’s really interesting to see them in this way and the message we receive is that actually, these heroes and their corresponding villains have similarities, as well as differences. Take a look and see what you think!
Website: Instagram

Aladdin Vs Jafar

Alice Vs The Queen Of Hearts

Anna Vs Elsa

Ariel Vs Ursula

Aurora Vs Maleficent 

Cinderella Vs The Evil Step Mother

Gaston Vs The Prince

Hercules Vs Hades

Mulan Vs Shan Yu

Rapunzel Vs Mother Gothel

Simba Vs Scar

Snow White Vs The Evil Queen

Tiana Vs The Shadow Man