“Get The Potty Started” With Toilet Tunes

Using the toilet doesn’t have to be boring anymore. Now you can turn your bathroom into a pumped up party place with the Toilet Tunes. If you’re wondering what this bizarre gadget does, it is specifically designed to serve one purpose. And that is to bring the fun and excitement into your bathroom and give you the most wonderful time while you do your business. This is a bathroom gadget that attaches to your existing toilet bowl. It looks like a regular portable wireless speaker. Well, it is basically a Bluetooth speaker that lets you play your saved playlist from your phone via Bluetooth connection.

So you can jam to the beat while you’re using the lavatory. No more humming to yourself or getting lost in insipid thoughts while you’re sitting there. But what if you want to adjust the volume or skip tracks? The speaker features buttons to let you control the audio stream operation. But of course, these buttons are not meant for touching. To use the buttons, you’ll need to ‘press’ the corresponding button using your urine stream.  Yup, you read that right, you’ll need to aim your projectile pee to hit the right button.


Toilet Tunes

toilet tunes

But the Toilet Tunes is more than just a speaker for your toilet. It’s a sanitizer as well. It automatically dispenses liquid toilet cleaner after every use to make the toilet bowl germ-free for the next user. You don’t have to worry about the speaker getting damaged with every flush. It is made of patented silicone which is resistant to water and urine. Furthermore, it features antibacterial coating that slowly dissolves and kills germs and bacteria. So you can make a tinkle splash to control your music experience as much as you like.

toilet tunes prank gift box

Do you think the Toilet Tunes is over-the-top ridiculous product? If you do then we’re on the same page. Thankfully, this absurd product doesn’t exist and it’s nothing but an empty box intended for pranks. So, you can just imagine the shocked expression on their faces when they unwrap the gift and find the prank gift box. Simply place the real gift inside and watch their reaction as they open the box and discover that they’ve been pranked.

toilet tunes worst gift


prank gift box bathroom speaker sanitizer

The Toilet Tunes prank gift box measures 11.25 inches wide, 9 inches tall, and 3.25 inches deep which is about the size of a large phone book. One happy buyer wrote:


“It has taken me 40 years to successfully prank my brother. I thank the makers of this product for making the opportunity possible. I’m tearful writing this. Tears of joy. I got him good.”

prank gift box bathroom speaker


funny prank gift box

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