The “Float-A-Poo” Dog Waste Disposal System Sends Your Dog’s Poop Into The Skies Using Helium

There are many ways to dispose of dog poop – burying, flushing, and the traditional bagging method before pitching it into a compost pile at home. But no matter the method, getting rid of your dog’s feces is still an unnecessary chore. Good thing there’s the Float-A-Poo! This ingenious waste disposal system lets you send your dog’s poop up in the air like a balloon. Then you can watch it float away and let it be someone else’s problem.

The Float-A-Poo waste disposal system contains 1 helium cylinder, 1600 plastic bags, and 1600 zip ties. After your dog drops the bomb, bag it up then inflate it using the helium cylinder. Each inflator can fill up to 6 bags depending on the dog’s breed. For smaller breeds, one pump should be enough to keep the payload floating while bigger breeds would require 4 – 9 pumps to let the heavy payload fly. One the bag is filled with the right amount of helium, seal it with a tie and let it float away into the sky.


Float-A-Poo Waste Disposal System


If you want the poop never to be seen again, it’s best to release the floating waste bag away from power lines, windmills, falcons, and airports. Of course, you’d want that mess to go as far as possible so you can get back to your life or enjoy walking the dog without any worry. Plus, the floating poop bag won’t be an eyesore once it goes up, up and away. The plastic bags come in 4 eye-catching colors while the zip ties come in 2 stylish colors to brighten up the sky. Where the poop bag ends up won’t be your problem anymore – how convenient is that?

float-a-poo waste disposal system


float-a-poo prank gift box details


dog waste disposal helium canister

Okay, you’re probably calling this product ‘too silly’ or ‘too ridiculous’ by now. And we’re not going to prolong your frustration anymore. The Float-A-Poo isn’t a real product. It’s a prank gift box designed to disguise your real gift. Everything you read about this absurd item are made by expert pranksters to make this non-existent stuff more convincing. Even the labels and the product descriptions on the box look legit that the receiver wouldn’t have any idea that they’re in for a prank.

prank gift box dog waste disposal system


prank gift box dog poop disposal system

Slip in the real gift inside the Float-A-Poo gag gift box and watch the receiver’s reaction when they see the box. The fun doesn’t stop there because their reaction would be even funnier once they open the box and realize the prank.

prank gift box confusion


prank gift box amused

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