You Can Get Chain Mail Shoes For All Terrain Types

Every outdoor enthusiast should have these chain mail shoes that allow them to feel the outdoors on their feet. Whether backpacking, trekking or casual hiking, the great outdoors offer infinite opportunities for adventures. But it can also pose a lot of hazards to our feet. Well, considering the fact that the feet are the part of the body that do the dirty work during outdoor activities. This is why it is vital to wear the best footwear that can protect your feet from the unforgiving terrains of the outdoors.

While there are plenty of protective shoes designed for outdoor activities, most of these are actually not the most comfortable since the highest priority in the design is protection over comfort. If anything, these outdoor safety shoes are bulky and a bit heavy. And the wearer actually doesn’t have that much freedom because they feel as if their feet are trapped in multi-layers of protection. But lo and behold, these shoes might just be the best solution to this problem. This footwear reliably protects the feet as well as giving the wearer a more natural way to walk, run, hike and climb.


These Chain mail Shoes Feature Pure Chain Mesh To Create An Authentic Barefoot Feel

The footwear company GoSt Barefoots introduced a line of chain mail footwear called Paleos. This minimal footwear features pure chain mesh construction that work as a lightweight armor for the feet. Chain mesh is highly effective against slashes caused by sharp and pointy things that you may step on. And since the mesh design allows air to pass through, it gives you the feeling of being barefoot and free.

The company offers a wide variety of shoes to cater to all your outdoor needs. There are shoes specifically designed for hiking on rocky soil, sand, mud, lawn, snow, swamps, in the sea and even terrains with algae and moss. Just slip your feet inside the shoes as if you’re putting on socks. Then pull the string on the back and lock it in place using the toggle. So, you can quickly and easily wear them whenever there might be lurking hazards on land or in the water.

These shoes also come in various designs with different features. Aside from the bare chain mesh shoes, there are other models that are equipped with rubber grippers on the bottom to provide extra grip on slippery surfaces. You can also opt for models that are fitted with outer soles for an additional layer of protection. The shoe strings and grippers also come in different colors. So, you may want to check out the company’s website to browse the entire Paleos collection and then you can choose the right pair of shoes for you.


Check out the Paleos footwear in action on the video below

Source: Gost-Barefoots