12 Useful Clothing Hacks You Wish You Knew Ages Ago


Don't you just hate it when you stain your favorite white shirt? Or when the zipper keeps falling down on your best pair of jeans, the ones that make your butt look really great? Thankfully there are solutions to these problems and many more. Check out these clothing hacks and give your ruined clothes a second life!


Remove wrinkles the easy way…


Turn a broken necklace into a stylish, pretty beanie.


Chalk can get rid of stubborn grease stains.


Lemon juice is great for nasty yellow sweat stains.


Update a ruined pair of Toms.


Fix turned up collars like this.


Rinse brightly colored clothes in vinegar prior to washing to set the color.



Use a safety pin or straw to get the drawstring of a hoodie back in.


Use a razor on a pilled sweater.


Use an embroidery hoop to patch jeans. Instructions here.


Fix jeans that won't stay up with a key ring.


Soak shrunken clothing in warm water and hair conditioner then gently stretch it back to size!

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