Lucky People Who Have Awesome Husbands

Making the decision to marry someone is not one that should be taken lightly. After all, being wedded to someone is supposed to be a life long commitment so you need to be absolutely sure of your feelings. There are often many qualities that we believe cause people to fall in love with each other. Here we have a list of images showing awesome husbands where it’s easy to see why they made the cut. Take a look!

Lucky People Who Have Awesome Husbands

Biggie and Tupac pancakes… pretty damn cool!

One caring and skilled husband decorated their son’s cast so that they didn’t feel awkward at school. 

If you’re wondering what’s going on, we can confirm this is a house tour for a cat, so it can sniff everything to its heart’s desire!

This is our kind of cupboard!

This husband clearly has magic hands. That dog is in a trance! 

The look on this gentleman’s face as he assists his wife in doing her hair is just adorable. 

The helmet increases the skill of the player, of course. 

The guy in this photo beat testicular cancer and went on to have a child. He stresses that you should always give mom a break. 

This husband was adamant if a dog was to join the family it would be ‘his wife’s dog’. Interestingly, they became best friends. 

When your crew see you riding in another car…

They say it’s the effort that counts…

When your husband says they’re going for a run and this is the reality…

When you hear your husband telling your dog to sit still, you don’t expect to walk in on this! 

A wonderful wall piece painted with love.