This 12,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Requires A Magnifying Glass And A Set Of Tweezers To Complete

Surprise your friends or loved ones and drive them to the point of madness with this impossible-to-solve 12,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. If you know someone who gets easily flustered by daunting tasks then this challenging tiling board game is guaranteed to make them struggle. We’ve previously featured puzzles that fall under ‘Difficult’ category including the 1,000-piece all-black puzzle, the 2000-piece all-white puzzle, and the 3,000-piece Hogwarts puzzle. But if you’re looking for something on a more difficult level, like the ‘harder than hard’ type, then we’ve found the perfect version for you.

Challenge your friend to solve this mind-bending 12,000-piece jigsaw puzzle and watch them lose all hope upon seeing how impossibly hard it is. It looks so grueling that it makes all other difficult puzzles look easy-peasy. So, how did those 12,000 puzzle pieces fit into such a small box? Simple: the pieces are downsized 4 times smaller than regular jigsaw puzzle pieces. As if the regular ones aren’t small enough, you’ll be needing a pair tweezers and a magnifying glass to pick and assemble the micro-puzzles. But don’t worry because it comes with a tweezer and a magnifying glass included for your convenience.


12,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

12000 piece jigsaw puzzle

The overwhelming number of pieces is enough to put anyone off. But the image only makes the challenge even more difficult. It features a plain blue sky with just a sliver of the moon. In addition to the Majestic Moon design, the 12,000-piece jigsaw puzzle also comes in other equally-difficult designs including Grandpa’s Burlap Bag, Side of Rice, The Lonely Honeycomb, and A Lawn Time Coming. And did we mention that each image has an interesting story to tell?

12000 piece jigsaw puzzle designs


12000 piece jigsaw puzzle majestic moon

So, imagine handing over this taxing jigsaw puzzle to a friend or co-worker who particularly hates problem-solving tasks. You can just clearly envision that dismal look on their faces. But luckily for them, this is just a prank gift box and the product described on the box doesn’t really exist. Yup, even the funny story about how the Majestic Moon came to be was all made-up, or maybe it did happen, who knows?

12000 piece jigsaw puzzle prank gift box


micropuzzle actual size


prank gift box novelty item

Simply slip the real gift inside the box and watch their reaction as they read the convincing descriptions. Then you can burst out laughing when they open the box and see what’s inside. Watch them sigh in relief after realizing it’s just a prank. Or it could go the other way around if you give it to a puzzle enthusiast. The challenging game will certainly spark their excitement. Then watch their reaction go from eager to upset when they realize that it’s just a prank. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Nothing spices up a boring gift like this box. My dad is hard to shop for so is the gift itself isn’t anything super special, at least he’ll be laughing about this box. I can’t wait to see his face when he thinks I’ve purchased him a 12,000 piece puzzle with tweezers and magnifying glass included.”

prank gift box ridiculous product description


prank gift box hidden real gift inside

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