10 Of The Worst Celebrity Make Up Blunders Ever


Contained within any modern celebrity's job description is to always look good in public, right? Yes, that's right. Of course, that includes impeccably flawless makeup. It's just what we, the adoring public, have come to expect of our beloved celebs! And considering many stars have their own makeup artists, they should look pretty perfect. Well, newsflash! Sometimes even Hollywood stars (or their blundering makeup artists) get it wrong. And when we say wrong, we mean, like obviously wrong. Particularly when a celeb is under the glare of the photographers' lights! Check out these 10 celebrity makeup blunders and feel less bad about your own makeup fails!


Kourtney Kardashian 


Nicole Kidman


Selena Gomez


Drew Barrymore



Angelina Jolie


Taylor Swift


Lady Gaga


Nicki Minaj


Kim Kardashian


Miley Cyrus

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