The ‘Baby Shield’ Provides Less Mess And More Love While Handling Your Baby

One sign of adulthood is seeing your friends getting married and having babies. If you’re looking for a unique gift for your friends who have recently joined the club, then we might have just the thing for you. Ditch the baby clothes and go for the Baby Shield instead. Your new-parent friends will surely love this fun but practical gift!

Just as the name implies, it’s literally a protective barrier against toddlers. We all know how dealing with young ones can get quite messy at times. You know, having to feed them, change their diapers and your friends might not be ready for that just yet. So, this shield is a handy tool that will help them transition into parenthood with ease. The product description on the box states:

“Now you can experience all the joy and fulfillment of parenthood without all the mess. Baby Shield protects you from unexpected squires and spurts that sloppy infants emit. Laboratory-grade rubber gloves guard your hands and forearms from gunk, and it’s clear plastic screen allows you to savor every precious moment with your baby — while blocking those unsavory smells and secretions.”

Man Using a Shield while Playing with Baby


The Shield is a fun and unique gift for all your new-parent friends



Baby Shield Prank Gift Box Back

It offers maximum protection with its 550 square inches of 60-gauge marine vinyl. Hence, it’s perfectly pee, poop and puke proof. The shield also includes a pair of rubber gloves securely attached to it through lab-quality silicone cuffs. The gloves are thick enough to be liquid resistant and thin enough to help you work your way through diapers and wipes.

Baby Shield Features




In fact, this protective barrier is not just ideal for handling tots. You can also use it when petting stray animals, chopping onions or sawing wood. Basically, you can use it whenever you feel like you’re exposed to any potential harm.

Baby Shield Features and Uses

You might think that this product is just too good to be true. Well, that’s simply because it is! This is actually a prank gift. But, if we got you, even for a second, then it would surely pass as a viable gift idea. Sorry to burst your bubble, but despite how promising it seems, its packaging is nothing but a mere prank gift box.

Baby Shield Prank Gift Box Packaging


Sweater inside a Baby Shield Prank Gift Box

Nonetheless, it would be certainly hard for anyone not to fall for this prank—especially for new parents. As such, it makes the perfect gift box for your expectant friends. Sneak your real gift inside this hilarious gift box and see your friends’ priceless reactions for yourself. We bet you’ll bag the “Funny Godparent” or “Cool Aunt/Uncle” award of the year after this encounter.

Lady Unhappy with the Prank Gift She Received


Lady Discovers the Real Gift inside the Prank Gift Box

Get yours here and give your friends a good laugh on their upcoming baby shower or for Christmas. Another great gift idea for Christmas is the DIY Vasectomy Kit. Imagine your partners face when he receives this!