Guy Proposes To His Partner With Ring Hidden Inside Chicken Nugget Box

It is every woman’s dream to get the perfect wedding proposal from the man she loves the most. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of creative (even weird) ways of popping the big question. But nothing beats a proposal that includes the thing that we love the most – our favorite food. The answer is always a ‘Yes’ when it involves food. Because just like men, the closest way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.

The Facebook group page That’s It, I’m Proposal Shaming collects amazing stories about unique and creative wedding proposals. Indeed, the page recounts some of the most ingenious and most imaginative ways of popping the question and presenting the ring. Anyone who has an interesting engagement story to share is free to join the group and post their stories.

Ranging from seriously good to ridiculously crazy stories, you can find all sorts of engagement-themed entertainment on the page. But there’s one particular story that really caught our interest. Here’s how the story goes…

funny engagement story


proposal ring hidden inside chicken nugget box

Seriously, who would ever say ‘No’ to this kind of proposal? The ring and chicken nugget combo is a sure hit. And we’re actually shocked that no one has ever thought of this before. We’re saying that this clever proposal should become a trend. Besides, this is much safer than stuffing the ring into cupcakes or burgers. What can you say about this engagement story?

Source: Facebook