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cat with four ears

Meet Midas, The Adorable Kitten With Four Ears

In the world of felines, there are no such things as deformities or abnormalities. But rather, these are considered as unique features that make them even more special. Just like this cat with four ears from Turkey who is currently taking social medi...

15 Times Pets Probably Thought Humans Were Weird

From weird sleeping habits to clingy tendencies, all pets possess some sort of quirks that their owners are well aware of. And we're all probably guilty of sharing them with our family and friends and even exposing them on the internet. Indeed, our f...
Rescue Cat posing

Rescue Cat Goes Viral For His Supermodel Pose

We're used to seeing animals being dorks and even jerks that we often forget that they can be sophisticated and serious too. Case in point, a rescue cat in Japan has recently gone viral for his ultra-chic supermodel pose. Wearing a onesie outfit, Puu...