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Marley Always Has A Disappointed Look On His Face

Grumpy is the new cute, at least within the feline domain. After the original Grumpy Cat (real name Tardar Sauce) gained worldwide fame for her permanent sour expression, the 'grumpy look' has become the new definition of cuteness and we couldn’t agr...

Gimo The Cat Could Beat Anyone In A “Staredown” Game

Let us introduce to you the real life Puss in Boots that can hypnotize you with his adorably big eyes. Meet Gimo, a black Scottish Fold in South Korea who got the entire world mesmerized with his giant doe eyes. Since he was introduced on Instagram 5...

Monty The Cat Has The Internet Falling In Love With Him

Being different can be a beautiful thing. This cat may look a little different from other cats but he is also adorable and lovable in his own ways. Monty is a very special cat who is currently making waves on the internet due to his unique look. And ...
cat table

You Can Get A Table That Your Cat Can Sit At

If your kitty always wants to be near you, follows you around, and prevents you from getting anything done then lucky you. These feline behaviors simply mean that your furry pet craves your affection and attention. That is why this cat table is desig...