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rescue pet photos

People Share Rescue Pet Photos That Will Warm Your Heart

Another month has passed and we’re here to sum up everything that has transpired for the month of May. And no, we’re not be talking about the negativeness of the world because we already have enough of it. But instead, we’ll be giving you the most he...
Younger Sibling

50 Dogs Whose Lives Got Ruined After They Got A Younger Sibling

If you think having a younger sibling is all rainbows and sunshine then you only need to have one to make you think otherwise. The truth is, rivalry exists in every family, not just in humans but in dogs as well. Being the only child, one gets to rec...
Pets sunbathing

30 Pets Whose Tanning Game Is Stronger Than Yours

If you think only humans love the sun then think again. Animals also love laying out in the sun as much as we do. On sunny days, you are likely to see your pets sunbathing and napping in the sunlight for hours. Seeing them kicking back and relaxing i...
photos of Maine coon cats

9 Majestic Maine Coon Cats You Should Be Following On Insta

Majestic and glamorous, Maine Coon cats are also reputed for their intelligence, playful, and gentle personality. This is why this cat breed is often cited as the ‘gentle giants’ of the feline kingdom that often have dog-like dispositions. So it’s no...