Freezing Wild Goose Found By Kind Man Gets Nursed Back To Health

Every year, around 4,000 species of bird leave their breeding areas relatively late in autumn and migrate from north to south in search of warmer climates and food availability. These migratory birds include geese, ducks, gulls, pelicans, and sandpipers. Over 50,000 of these birds fly to winter in Aras reservoirs, migrating down to Turkey and Iraq. However, one unfortunate wild goose seemed to have separated from its flock and got caught in a raging snowstorm somewhere near Iraqi Kurdistan. The unlucky bird was already on the verge of death when a passerby found it lying on the thick snow.

Reddit user u/halal-honcho shared the video showing how the man found the dying wild goose and miraculously brought it back to life. The video started with the bird lying on the snow which has seemingly frozen to death. When he saw that the bird was still ‘barely’ alive, he took it home hoping he could bring it back to life. He gently placed the freezing bird in a basket and tried to warm it up using an electric hairdryer. For 5 minutes, he tried to revive the motionless bird by placing it near the heater.


Man Rescues A Wild Goose From Freezing To Death

man rescues wild goose iraq

As the man was warming the wild goose up with the hairdryer, he can also be heard praying to God ‘to bring the bird’s soul back’. And as if it’s an answered prayer, the bird began to move its feet and head. After a while, the bird was finally able to stand and move on its own. It was given some food to help it regain its strength and recover faster.

wild goose frozen to death rescued


man rescues frozen wild goose

“My aim of this recording only is [for] each individual who sees this to realize [their] responsibility towards [animals],” the man explains in the video. “My only intention is to awaken emotions, sympathy, and compassion [in] some people who hurt animals and birds to not do so.”

man warms up frozen migratory bird


rescued frozen migratory bird


man rescues frozen migratory bird

The last part of the video shows the man holding the wild goose which appeared to be very much ‘alive and goosing’. After feeding it one last time, the man brought it back to where he found it, hoping to help it find its way and reunite with its flock. Although the video didn’t show what happened to the bird after that, we could only hope that it was able to migrate safely.

Source: Reddit