Pet Parents Share Adorable Moments With Their Besties

According to the latest survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 70% of US households, or about 90.5 million families, own a pet. Several studies also showed that public interest in pets soared during the pandemic as evidenced by the rapid increase in pet adoptions and sales since Covid-19 took over the world. But why are more people getting animal companions now more than ever? And why are more people preferring to live with animals more than a human partner?

This is probably not the first time you’ve heard about the health benefits of having pets. Time and time again, science says that having animal companions can help improve mental health. True enough, in an increasingly chaotic and uncertain world, having a loyal companion that will always stick with you no matter what, can bring a calming effect on the human psyche. And unlike humans, these affectionate animals won’t judge you, they appreciate all the time and attention you’re giving, and they are unreserved with their love for us.


Pets And Their Owners Spending Sweet Time Together

“Too hot to leave this pup in the car, so dude tucked him in while in the store.”

pampered pets puppy tucked in

Pets are incredibly well loved that owners prefer to call themselves ‘pet parents’ rather than ‘pet owners. The main reason being that their animals are members of the family. Many of these parents would treat their animals the way human children should be treated. They sleep in the same bed as their owners at night, they celebrate their birthdays, and they even socialize with other animals at day care. And simply because we love our pets, we don’t mind lavishing them with all the privileges they deserve.

Pets and their humans sharing some sweet time together is the cutest thing. So, we’ve compiled these heartwarming pics showing the unbreakable bond between pet parents and their ‘children’.

“My beautiful pup looking like a Disney Princess”

cute pets dog disney princess eyes


“Elly at our wedding”

dog at the wedding


“Jax is 13 years young, he can’t walk very far nowadays but would be heart broken if we didn’t take him for a walk. So we pull him in his wagon!”

senior dog on a wagon


“My boyfriend did NOT want a cat. This is my boyfriend watching cat tv together.”

boyfriend hates cats


“Snacks is real shy, but he wants to say Hi anyway!”

cute pets shy dog says hi


“Our animals always squeeze in a quick cuddle when we play video games.”

cute pets human playing video game


“First night at home from the shelter! Happiest adoption photo ever! Always adopt.”

dog comforts sad boy


“The moment my rescue finally let my fiancé hug him. It took over 2 years.”

dog lets man hug him after two years


“I like to give my lizard good role models”

cute pets lizard godzilla figure


“My cat snoozing on a sofa I crocheted for her”

pampered pets cat crocheted sofa


“When I come home from work he tries to make sure I can never leave him ever again”

funny pets dog holds onto owner leg


“It’s an honour to third wheel my husband and cats relationship.”

cat enjoys some cuddle


“Ferret selfie. Didn’t go as planned but it will do”

ferrets selfie fail


“Caught me an 80 pounder”

cute pets 80 pounder dog


“Living our best life”

cute pets happy bird


“It was picture day at doggy day care today.”

doggy day care picture day