Dog Has Touching Reaction To Painting Of His Brother That Passed Away

Losing an animal companion is very heartbreaking for everyone, including other pets in the household. If the dogs shared a very close bond, a dog may react and grieve after its canine friend passes away. When a pet dies, other pets in the home may show signs that could be interpreted as grief. These signs may include searching, loss of appetite, change in sleep patterns, and a sad demeanor.

While there’s a little scientific evidence to prove that animals are affected by loss and experience the feelings of sadness at the death of a friend, many pet owners attest of the changes in their pet’s behaviors when another pet in the home passes away. One Facebook user even shared a video of a dog’s reaction upon seeing a portrait of his deceased brother. The dog can be seen wagging its tail in excitement while looking up at the painting on the wall. He even went up the couch to give the painting a sniff before barking at it as if trying to talk to it.


Dog Reacts To Portrait Of His Brother Who Passed Away

dog reaction deceased brother portrait

The Facebook user wrote that she did the painting of the deceased dog named Smiff who was owned by Libby Frances Davey. Smiff has a brother named Frank who was left sad and lonely after he passed away on June 2021. To honor his memory, his mom Libby commissioned an artist to make a painting of him. When she hung the painting on the wall, Frank immediately recognized his brother and his reaction said it all – he really missed Smiff.

Posted by Libby Frances Davey on Thursday, November 19, 2020


Posted by Libby Frances Davey on Monday, October 5, 2020

The heartbreaking yet lovely video touched the hearts of many people on the internet who gave comforting words to Libby and Frank. Many dog owners can really relate to the pain of losing a pet. While coping with the loss can be really hard, we must also pay attention to the surviving dogs and try to comfort them when they start to show signs of grief.

Source: Facebook video