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Maine Coon Kitten photos

50 Cute Maine Coon Kittens That Are Future Giants In The Making

Maine Coon kittens are undeniably adorable, not to mention super fluffy creatures. That's why we suggest you revel in their extreme cuteness before they grow into massive cats. Maine Coon cats are the largest and perhaps the most majestic domesticate...
cats in nativity scenes

28 Times Cats Were Spotted Hilariously Crashing Nativity Scenes

With the much anticipated Christmas holiday only a few days away, there is no doubt that you’re probably already set up for the occasion. Piles of gifts are already taking up space beneath your tree, and treats have filled the stockings you've put up...
Hank possum

Woman Lets Elderly Possum Live In Her Garage And Names Him Hank

A woman in Louisiana has found herself expecting a very unusual guest this winter season: an elderly possum. Possums are immensely misunderstood creatures. They’re often mistaken as rodents, when they’re actually nocturnal marsupials. And while they ...