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Shiba Inu Marshmallows

Adorable Shiba Inu Marshmallows Might Be The Cutest Looking Yet

If you’re a dog lover, we’ve found the sweetest treat that can gratify your fondness of dogs. And can satisfy your sweet tooth as well. Japan-based mail order company Felissimo is offering fluffy marshmallows featuring adorable faces of Shiba Inu dog...
mcdonalds mchive bees restaurant 2

McDonald’s Opens ‘McHive’ A Miniature Restaurant For Bees

Did you know that McDonald’s had a bid to protect bees? Interestingly, the company commissioned NORDDDB—a creative agency—to design a miniature restaurant just for the bees. It’s called McHive. In this McDonalds McHive Bees Restaurant, however, you’l...
cat armor

Man 3D Prints Armor For His Cat And It Looks Seriously Cool

A badass armor for your kitty, how’s that sound? Just like anybody else, you’re probably thinking what good does an armor do to a cat.  For sure, an adorable kitty wearing an armor would be a sure hit on Instagram. But a creative artist from PrintTha...