Liam Thompson Built His 20-Year-Old Cat A Custom Stair Elevator So He Didn’t Have To Struggle With The Stairs Anymore

Physically, cats are known for their ability to climb and explore hard-to-reach places due to their agile and flexible nature. But just like any other living creatures on earth, they also age and degenerate over time. Popular YouTuber Liam Thompson from Auckland, New Zealand gave all pet owners a brilliant idea by building a custom cat stair elevator to help his aging feline get up and down the stair easily.

On his YouTube video, Thompson showed how he built the cat stair elevator for his 20-year-old kitty Frodo. According to him, Frodo has a morning habit of going down the steep outdoor stairs to get to his favorite sunbathing spot on the poolside. After getting enough sunshine for about 10 minutes, the furry feline would climb up again the stairs to lounge inside the house all day long. But as Frodo becomes older, climbing up and down the stairs every morning has become a tiring task for him.


Custom Cat Stair Elevator

custom cat stair elevator

To help Frodo reach his favorite lounging spot effortlessly, Thompson decided to make a cat stair elevator. The DIY expert shared the entire process which includes planning, building, testing, and upgrading. Thompson’s awesome invention is made up of two main parts: a track and a cart. On his workshop, Thompson created the track by cutting thin pieces of wood. He then attached the strips of wood into a pair of sliding door rails to make the track.

electric hoist cart aging pet

For the cart, he used pieces of plywood to create the platform. After installing the track and the cart into left side of the stairs, he connected the cart to an electric hoist which should lower or lift the platform with a push of a button. For the initial testing, Thompson used a plush toy to take the place of Frodo.

After a successful testing, Thompson began upgrading the custom cat stair elevator before Frodo could finally use it. He made sure of Frodo’s safety by completing the sides of the cart. Of course, the device also needs to look as good as the majestic Frodo. Thompson finished it up by trimming, sanding, and painting to make it as pretty as possible.

man builds custom cat stair elevator


cat stair elevator

It took Thompson four days to finish the whole thing. And the moment of truth comes when Frodo finally has to test it out himself. So, did the senior cat enjoy the ride? Well, he may not seem too ecstatic about it but you can tell how the custom stair elevator made his life much easier.


Watch the clever invention in action on the video below

Source: YouTube