The M&M’s Ice Cream Cake Is Packed With Chopped Up Pieces

The holiday celebrations are only weeks away. Naturally, more and more treats have started to appear on store shelves in preparation for the event. We are more than happy to welcome them in our shopping carts and tummies! This year, a M&M’s Ice Cream Cake has arrived at Walmart’s frozen section and it looks like the cake of our dreams!

These candy-coated chocolate pieces are staples in our sweets stash. We’ve seen M&M’s turn into many different things. From trail mixes to pastries, we thought we’ve seen and tasted everything that the M&M’s had to offer, until now. We’re pretty overjoyed that M&M’s has finally given us the frozen dessert we never thought we needed in our lives. Our sweetest dreams have come true!

M&M's ice cream cake package


Instagram food blog @snacksanta spotted the multi-colored ice cream cake recently. Since then, fans of the chocolate candy have since dashed to their nearest Walmart outlets to get a pack (or packs) for themselves.

The new M&M’s Minis Ice Cream Cake is the perfect dessert for any occasion

front view M&M's ice cream cake packaging

According to initial reports, this fabulous frozen dessert consists of vanilla ice cream that has a chocolate swirl, M&M’s Minis and whipped icing. The colorful chocolate candies cover the cake completely as well. Plus, it’s decorated to look like an actual brown M&M, so it’s worthy of being your feast’s centerpiece. This is all the information we’ve found about the cake so far.

M&M's ice cream cake

When you cut into the M&M’s Ice Cream Cake, you’ll find chopped bits of the iconic candy mixed together with the vanilla ice cream and chocolate swirl. In this aspect, this dessert is similar to the Snickers Ice Cream Cake we’ve seen earlier. Your won’t tire from the smooth sweet ice cream since you’ve got a bit of munching and crunching on the side as well.

slice of the M&M's ice cream cake

This cake will definitely be a hit at your annual Christmas party at work, or at your kid’s (or your) birthday! We’ve only got so much time to party in this decade before another begins, so make ’em all worthwhile. Around nine people can share this 46-ounce cake, so you might want to stock up on them while supplies last! The cake isn’t available for online purchase at Walmart, so you’d better hurry and get one yourself!

Source: Walmart