14 Hilariously Truthful Tweets About Adulthood

You might recall that when you were a child you felt really exited at the thought of becoming a grown up so that you would be able to do whatever you wanted. However, many of us regret having such thoughts! This is because more often than not being an adult is extremely stressful! If you aren’t panicking about the lack of money in your bank account then you’re definitely feeling down about how tired you are. However, we firmly believe in looking at the funny side of things. So, take a look at these amusing tweets about adulthood and rest assured that you aren’t the only one who struggles being a grown up

Well, we never thought about it this way, however, it’s unfortunately true for many! 

Coffee is like the elixir of life for some people! 

What you say to yourself when you see anything that you want…

Sometimes, being the responsible one just doesn’t feel right.

Your response to pretty much everything… 

One of the few great things about being an adult is choosing to eat whatever you want! 

Unfortunately, ‘somewhere’ generally means ‘could be anywhere’. 

And maybe a third, too. 

Your daily routine in 5 words… 

The pledge we all make throughout the week! 

The older you get the less time you have for fun things, apparently! 

This could be the most common question we all ask ourselves… 

When you’re hoping for a different future for yourself… 

We would like to take a moment to appreciate ‘Google’ and all the good it brings. 

This is probably the most relatable tweet of all!