Dog Snatches Owner’s Fake Teeth And Owner Couldn’t Believe How They Looked, He Had To Video The Moment

Dogs are such adorable and innocent-looking creatures… until you realize all the naughty things that they’re capable of doing. For starters, chewing on some of your prized possessions, like your favorite pair of sneakers. And let’s not forget how they taint almost all corners of our homes with their pee and poo. But despite all these outrageous things, we just can’t be mad at them. Apparently, another fur parent has shared the same sentiment as he caught his dog wearing his set of fake teeth.

Ben Campbell from Michigan took to Instagram to let the online community know of his dog Thomas’ recent mischief. It turns out that Ben bought a set of fake dentures “for some quarantine comic relief.” However, to his surprise and amusement, he caught Thomas stealing it. What’s more, is that the adorable furball even tried them on himself!


Luckily, Ben was able to capture this hilarious moment on camera. See it for yourself in the video below!

Evidently, Thomas has left his owner laughing to his heart’s content when he saw him donning some false teeth. So, it’s not entirely surprising to see that people online felt the same way too. The video, entitled “Toothy Thomas,” went viral in an instant, with over 1.8M views to date. Clearly, Thomas has successfully gained himself quite some fans, which prompted Ben to create an Instagram page for him.

You can see more of the playful pooch’s daily adventures on his Instagram page which goes by the handle @toothythomas. Judging by his profile, it appears that teeny Thomas loves getting himself into trouble. In a recent post, Ben has yet again exposed Thomas’ habit of “stealing” items. This time, he’s seen running off with one of Ben’s bowties in his mouth.

Ben has also shared another video of Thomas getting peculiarly frantic over a glass of carbonated drink. Well, it looks like we can expect more hilarious moments from Thomas in the days to come!


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