Mom Creates 30 Hilariously Honest Comics About What It’s Like Raising Kids

Being able to raise kids is such a wonderful and fulfilling opportunity. But oftentimes, people fail to see the hardships and difficulties that come with it. More so the sacrifices that mothers make for their children. As such, artist Paula Kuka has come up with a series of illustrations that accurately portrays the reality of motherhood. She features “witty and pretty #mumlife musings” in her works which she shares via her Common Wild art pages.

Baby Crying as Mother Takes a Shower Illustrations


How a Mother Sees Herself Versus How Her Children See Her Illustrations


Mother Changing Baby's Diaper IllustrationsMother Changing Baby's Diaper Illustrations

Kuka revealed that she originally didn’t have plans of becoming an artist. In fact, she worked as a landscape architect back then for about ten years. It was only after she had her second baby that she started drawing cartoons to document their daily lives.

“I posted them on Instagram and they very quickly gathered attention from other parents who loved seeing such a relatable view of parenting. I like to talk about some of the challenges of motherhood — the guilt, the frustration, the boredom, as well as the hilarious and heart-warming aspects. It’s important to me to talk openly about these things as I know it can help other parents feel less isolated in what they are going through.”

Mother Breastfeeding Baby at Night Illustrations


Son Asking Mother if He Could Stay with Her and Mother Asking Son to Do the Same Illustration


Mother Needing a Break from Children Illustrations

Through her works, the Australian artist aims to encourage all moms out there to just jilt the guilt. This is simply because not everyone knows the hard times that parents, especially mothers, go through. True enough, you’ll never understand how hard it is to be a parent until you become one. And so, this is what Kuka’s drawings hope to communicate. That there is more to motherhood than we see on the outside.

Mother Not Wanting to Share Her Cake Illustrations


Mother in a Yoga Session Illustration


Mother Uses Feeding Baby as Excuse Not to Help Husband Illustrations

Somehow, being a parent is comparable to being an artist, athlete, entertainer, or any other professional for that matter. Oftentimes, people only see the end results. They fail to see the long hours of work, effort, pain, and sacrifice along the process. Sadly, people are so quick to judge these days. In fact, nowadays, it’s not even uncommon to encounter people who badmouth other moms for enjoying their me-times.

What a Mother Does Versus What Other People See Illustrations


Mother Tired from Breastfeeding Illustrations


Mother Versus Father Carrying a Baby While Holding Son's Hand on One Hand and Grocery Bags on the Other Hand Illustrations

If you’re among these misunderstood moms, we’re pretty sure that you’d be able to relate to Kuka’s works. If not, then hopefully, Kuka’s works could give you a better understanding of what it’s like to be a mother. Likewise, Kuka also shared a heartfelt message for struggling artists who seem to have lost their drive.

“Opportunities can come in the most unlikely places. Be generous with your time and skills. All my greatest opportunities came when I went out on a limb and did something for someone and didn’t expect anything in return. Just keep going and stay true to yourself. People resonate the most with authenticity.”

Kuka’s fanbase continues to grow with over 103K followers on Instagram and over 33K likes on Facebook. At present, the artist also contributes her works and articles to The West Australian paper. Meanwhile, her upcoming book is also in the works which she hopes to publish early next year.

Baby Talks Expectations Versus Reality Illustrations


Mother in the Toilet with Son Illustrations


Two Kids and a Dog Waiting for Their Mother in the Shower Illustrations


Timeline of Baby Sleeping and Waking Up


Son Receives Praise from a Woman because of His English Accent Illustrations


Creative Games for Lazy Slash Exhuasted Parents Illustrations


Son Asking Mother to Carry a Leaf Illustration


Mothers Bragging about Their Babies' Skills Illustrations


Mother Wishing Baby to Go to Sleep Cycle


Mother Versus Grandmother Granting Children's Requests Illustrations


Mother Thinking of a Lot of Things Versus Baby Thinking Only of Her Mother Illustration


Mother Still Wearing Maternity Underwear Even after 4.5 Years Later


Mother Showing Baked Cake to Son and Son Wanting to Eat an Onion Instead


Mother Putting Baby into a Car Seat Illustrations


Mother Feeding First Baby Versus Feeding Second Baby Illustrations


Mother Comparing Baby to Other Babies Illustrations


Mother Carrying Two Kids Even in the Toilet


How to Get Children to Eat Vegetables Illustrations

Source: Paula Kuka Website | Facebook | Instagram