This Wedding Chapel In Japan Is Jaw Droppingly Beautiful


This wedding chapel in the Hiroshima district of Japan is strange, yet beautiful. The structure is comprised of two spirals that meet at the top, and is rather fittingly known as the "ribbon chapel." At first glance, it might appear as though it's a case of style over substance, but there's actually a good reason behind the design being as it is. We'll get to that later! This striking chapel was designed by Nacasa and Partners Architects and is located on the Bella Vista Sakaighama resort. Not only is it a gorgeous building, it also offers guests outstanding views over the ocean. All in all, it seems like an idyllic place to tie the knot.



The structure is certainly unique, but it is very pretty and, overlooking the bay, it's situated in an amazing location.



The white wooden cladding is ideal for a wedding!



Since the structure is made up of two spirals, it is symbolic of the way that two lives have their own twists and turns before coming together as one. How romantic!



The bride and the groom both walk up the chapel on their own separate paths, then meet at the top to ask the universe, or whatever god they believe in, to bless their marriage, before coming down together.


There's still a space at the bottom to have a more traditional service in front of guests, as well.


Not only is the ribbon chapel beautiful, its symbolism is also so wonderful and romantic. This might be one of the most incredible places for a couple to get married.

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